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Research 1

Scalable Synthesis

Our research centers on the study of highly potent bioactive natural products with the potential to become therapeutic agents. Despite the development of numerous organic chemical reactions since 1828, the scalable synthesis of complex molecules remains a significant challenge and a global focal point within the chemistry discipline. Some liken total synthesis to the ascent of a mountain. Regardless of how many climbers reach the summit of Everest, the ascent persists inexorably. Total synthesis has advanced considerably owing to the dedicated endeavors and research of distinguished chemists. Nonetheless, the development of environmentally benign and highly efficient synthetic methodologies for the total synthesis of potent bioactive natural products remains an extremely challenging and vital domain within chemistry. The pursuit of total synthesis is perpetual, akin to the ceaseless challenge of climbing Mount Everest.



Electrochemical reactions boast a venerable history and tradition spanning nearly 200 years. Electrochemistry was rigorously investigated by Kolbe and his contemporaries in the 19th century and has since been refined by numerous eminent researchers. To date, a multitude of organic chemical reactions have been developed; however, some of these processes necessitate elevated temperatures, rare metals, and impose significant environmental burdens, necessitating improvements for the advancement of a sustainable society. Our research group aspires to transform these existing organic reactions into more efficient and environmentally benign methodologies through the application of electrochemistry, ensuring their accessibility and utility for future generations.

Research 2
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